Moonmilk Cave

Moonmilk Cave information

You can walk back from Wind and Clearwater caves to park HQ via a concrete path and plank walk that winds through the narrow passage of Moonmilk Cave. This is a highly recommended variation, but be warned that there is a steep climb en route, and you'll need a headlamp for the cave. When you get to the cave, keep an eye out for the jungle creeper that winds its way into the cave - like a giant octopus tentacle exploring the darkness.

After a rain, you may encounter clouds of brilliant black and green Brooke's birdwing butterflies. The total distance from Wind Cave to park HQ is 3km. You can also do the walk in reverse, from park HQ to the cave, which is around 2km. A guide is not necessary for Moonmilk Cave or the walk to/from the cave.