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Bako National Park

Getting there & away

To get to Bako from Kuching, first take a bus to Bako Bazaar in Kampung Bako, then charter a boat to the park. Petra Jaya bus 6 leaves from near the market in Kuching every 40 minutes (approximately) from 7am to 6pm (RM1.50, 45 minutes). The last bus back to Kuching leaves Kampung Bako at 5pm.

A boat from Bako Bazaar to the park headquarters costs RM40 each way for up to five people, or RM8 per person for larger groups. The chances are that someone on the bus will be looking to share a boat, especially on a weekend; tourists sometimes wait at the boat dock for the same reason.

Take note of the boat’s number and be sincere when you agree to a pick-up time. If you do want to share a different boat back, tell park headquarters your boat number – staff are happy to call and cancel your original boat.

It’s a pleasant 20-minute boat trip past coastal scenery and fishing boats. From November to February the sea is often rough, adding a real touch of excitement to the ride, and at times it may not be possible for boats to approach or leave Telok Assam. If you’re planning a day trip, be aware that boatmen may insist on an early-afternoon return time to beat the tides. Take a waterproof jacket to protect against spray in the open boats.

Bako National Park