From Danum Valley DVFC/Lahad Datu to Mt Kinabalu park on the same day

Is it possible to get from Danum Valley DVFC (transfer out to is at 8:30am, arriving Lahad Datu at 10:30am) to Mt Kinabalu park headquarters by bus transport on the same day? From the limited info I found online, it looks like all buses leave in the morning at or before 10am (so I would miss them), or else late in the afternoon at 4pm, which would have us arrive way too late.

The only way I've found to connect the two is flying to KK and taking a bus from there, which is moderately expensive…


Mount Kinabalu Day Climb No Longer Possible

Just found out the hard way.

A small silver lining; the new Lamaing Hostel has a dormitory for "only" 100 ringit.
Total price for a 2-day 1 night climb would be 287 ringit, without food though.
This is for 2 persons, add 64 ringit if you have to pay for the guide alone.

I may go on friday, have a reservation for Lamaing then (thursday fully booked) so if any one is nearby and wants to join me, reply here or contact me at Kinabalu Mountain Lodge.



Hotel in Johor Bahru

Before catching a flight from Singapore we are staying 1 night in Johor Bahru, as it's cheaper than Singapore. Any recommendations for a nice hotel? We dont't mind paying a bit more (around 100.- USD), because it's our last night before returning home...


looking for a partner for Mount Kinabalu one-day climb

Howdy people,

39 year young adventurous fit Belgian male looking for a fit partner to share the guide cost for a one-day Kinabalu climb, aiming the ascent for coming thursday 18/12 (though i could wait an extra day or so).
hopefully a guide will be available since i read only two are reserved for day climbs with a maximum of two clients per guide.
i have no phone but i´ll be staying at the Kinabalu Mountain Lodge from tomorrow onwards and i´ll head out to Park HQ as soon as i arrive tomorrow to…


Kinabatangan River tour for a single traveller

Hi All!

I'm having a few problems trying to organise a tour of the Kinabatangan River. I'll be in the Sabah area of Malaysian Borneo from the 20th-27th February 2015. I'll be travelling on my own and I'm looking to do a 3/4 day tour of the Kinbatangan river, encompassing river cruises (with the hope to see orang-utans, proboscis monkeys, Borneon pgymy elephants, birds, crocodiles etc.), Gomantong cave, Ox-Bow Lakes, Turtle Island and Sepilok Orang-utan Centre.

I've contacted a couple of tour…


tea plantation + taman negara + Pulau Perhentian in 7/10 days?

Hi all!

I need a bit help as my plans are constantly and rapidly changing due to unforeseen circumstances!

To the expert travellers of the Malayisan soils, at first glance you think it is feasible the following itinerary in 7-10 days?
To see a bit of KL (1 day top?), then head to tea plantation (guess the visit is done in one afternoon), then doing a trek in taman negara (maybe a 2 day trek) and rest couple days on Pulau Perhentian islands. Then taking plane back to KL.

I also don't know if…


Is RM350 per night for a room a 'flashpackers' budget?

Hi all,

Maybe I have been wrong all of these years, maybe I'm delusional ...

I have found a place in Penang with rates from RM350-450 per night that calls itself a 'flashpackers'.

To me, thats midrange or upper midrange travel. What do you think?


KLIA2- eating

Ate at NZ Curry House at KLIA2. Down on the ground floor next to the Skybus stop.

Its where the local workerss eat at half the price you pay upstairs.


Arriving KL 25 of january - stay around 14 days.... What to do?

Hi Everyone.

We are 2 girls traveling from Sri. Lanka to Malaysia. Here we are going to stay around 14 days and then hit to indonesia.

We haven´t really planned anything yet. Before Malaysia we will be in India, Maldives and Sri. Lamka.
So we just wanna hear if any of you have some advices to routs. We know we dont have so long time, so we dont have to travel far away, but of course we wanna see a Little of the country. Maybe stay in KL some days, to expirence a big city.

All idears are…


Penang Itinerary Suggestions

Hi all,

My mother and me are going to Penang this Thursday night (11/12/14) and returning this Sunday night (14/12/14). I have come up with an itinerary although I would be extremely open to suggestions.

Day 1 (11/12)

Arrive into Penang at 9.35pm
Head to hotel at about 10pm
Arrive hotel (in Bukit Mertajam) at about 10.30pm

Day 2 (12/12)

Leave hotel at 9am for Kek Lok Si
10am-11.30am Tour Kek Lok Si
Lunch at Kpg Bahru or Air Hitam (any suggestions)
1pm-3pm Tour Penang Hill (enough or too…