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Getting there & away

Local transport


Taxis from the stand outside the station can ferry you round town or to other towns such as Kota Kinabalu (RM50), Menumbok (RM80) and Lawas (RM100).

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Buses and minivans gather at the mini bus terminal opposite the mosque, and along Jln Pasar Awam in the town centre. Express buses call at the station, leaving morning and afternoon for KK (RM9, 1½ hours). The KK to Lawas express bus passes through Beaufort at around 3pm; the fare from Beaufort to Lawas is RM13. Express buses to Sipitang (RM4) pass through until 1.30pm. You can buy tickets in advance from the booth by the train station. Minibuses to Kuala Penyu (RM6) leave in the morning.

Minivans that are nearly full cruise around town honking hopefully at pedestrians. There are frequent departures for Papar (RM7) and KK (RM9, two hours), and less-frequent departures for Sipitang (RM6, 1½ hours), Lawas (RM15, 1¾ hours) and Kuala Penyu (until around 2.30pm, RM5). To Menumbok (for Labuan) there are plenty of minivans until early afternoon (RM8, one hour).


It is possible to take the Sabah State Railway from KK to Beaufort, but it’s a slow trip (economy/1st class RM5.60/17, 2½ hours) and a bus or minivan is quicker. For schedules and bookings, contact the stations at Beaufort (211518), Tenom (735514) and Tanjung Aru (088-254611).

The track between Beaufort and Tenom (RM2.75/8.35, 2½ hours) following Sungai Padas is more scenic, and worth doing if you have the time – book in advance, as trains are small and cancellations are common. There’s no air-conditioning on the train and major delays can be expected after heavy rain. Make sure you bring something to eat and drink because it could be a long journey.

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