Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve

Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve information

Northern Malawi , Malawi
+265 330180
US$5 per person per day, US$2 per car per day
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For one reason or another this reserve seems to be one of Malawi's best-kept secrets, but it's possibly your best chance to get up close and personal with elephants and well worth a visit. Vwaza is an ideal destination for any budget; it's compact and accessible, the accommodation is close to the main gate, and public transport here is straightforward.

The main camp is conveniently located a safe but rewarding distance from the hippo-heavy Lake Kazuni, which also lures impalas, buffaloes (rumoured to be particularly aggressive here), waterbucks, elands, roans, sables, zebras, hartebeests and pukus. The big attraction however, is the 160-plus elephants within the park. There are regular parades in front of the camps and between July and September, diners at Kazuni Safari Camp often have to share their personal space with bulls munching on nuts around the restaurant. Vwaza's birdwatching is also excellent - this is one of the best places in Malawi to see waders. The best time of year to visit is in the dry season; just after the rainy season, the grass is high and you might go away without seeing anything.

All tourist activities, places to stay and charter flights are operated by the Nyika Safari Company.