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Introducing Mahambo

Mahambo is a coastal village with a safe swimming beach and luxuriant vegetation that comes right down to the shore in some places. For the moment it’s much quieter and generally more enticing than Mahavelona, primarily because it’s further from the main road, and while facilities are already expanding it should still be some time before resort life starts to take over in the same way.

Halfway down the long track between the main road and the village you’ll find Quad Evasion (032 04 011 96), a new venture with a vast litter of quads, scooters and bikes for hire. They’re all great ways to explore the area if you’re staying for a while; a basic pushbike costs Ar25, 000 per day, while quads go for Ar100, 000. You can also take a complete quad package, including guide and drinks, for €60 per day.