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The 13th-century Treskavec Monastery rises from Mt Zlato (1422m), a bare massif replete with twisted rock formations, where a recently completed asphalt road now zips you to the top along a steep and winding route that must have been a real test of faith a few centuries back. At the top, the monastery is half-ruined, though restoration work is slowly under way. Vivid frescoes, including a rare depiction of Christ as a boy, line the 14th-century Church of Sveta Bogorodica , built over a 6th-century basilica.

Earlier Roman remains are inside, along with graves, inscriptions and monks' skulls.

Treskavec is located 10km above Prilep. Start from Prilep's cemetery and turn uphill at the sign marked 'Manastir Sveta Bogorodica, Treskavec'. Alternatively, to hike up, drive or take a taxi to Dabnica, and follow the cobbled track towards Mt Zlato; after the fountain, a path reaches Treskavec (two hours total; 4.5km) – though this is no easy stroll!