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Getting around

Bus & tram


There are frequent buses throughout the day from Vilnius to all main cities, including Kaunas (19Lt, 1½ hours), Šiauliai (32Lt, three hours) and Klaipėda (49Lt, 3¼ hours). To Kaunas there are also regular minibuses, which are quicker.

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Car & motorcycle

You can drive across Lithuania in a couple of hours. Modern four-lane highways link Vilnius and Klaipėda (via Kaunas), and Vilnius and Panavėžys.

The big international rental-car agencies are well represented at Vilnius airport, but you’ll save a ton of money by renting from a local operator. Charismatic Rimas (277 6213, 8-698-21662; rimas.cars@is.lt) rents older cars at the lowest rates in town.

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You can lumber between Vilnius and a few domestic destinations on Lithuania’s clunky suburban trains. Destinations include Kaunas (11Lt, 1¼ hours, 13 daily), Klaipėda (40Lt, five hours, two daily) and Šiauliai (24Lt, four hours, five to eight daily).

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Local transport

Lithuanian cities are generously covered by networks of buses, trolleybuses and minibuses. In most towns you must punch your bus ticket or you’ll risk a fine.

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