Karaite Ethnographic Exhibition

Karaite Ethnographic Exhibition information

Trakai , Lithuania
Karaimų gatvė 22
adult/student & child 4/2Lt, camera 4Lt, guided tour 30Lt
Opening hours
10am-6pm Wed-Sun
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The peninsula itself is dotted with old wooden cottages, many built by the Karaites, a Judaic sect and Turkic minority originating in Baghdad, which adheres to the Law of Moses. Their descendants - some 380 families - were brought to Trakai from the Crimea around 1400 to serve as bodyguards.

Only 12 families (60 Karaites) live in Trakai and their numbers - 280 in Lithuania - are dwindling rapidly, prompting fears that the country's smallest ethnic minority is dying out. The Karaites Ethnographic Museum traces their ancestry. Their beautifully restored early-19th-century Kenessa can be visited.