Bicycle Museum

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Šiauliai , Lithuania
Vilniaus gatvė 139
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adult/child 6/3Lt
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10am-6pm Tue-Fri, 11am-5pm Sat
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Šiauliai is home to the country’s biggest bike maker and is trying to regain its reputation as a leading cycling centre. It still has a way to go on that front, though this fun museum dedicated to the art of cycling over the years is a great start. There are several rooms of glorious bone-rattlers and torturous bicycles with wooden tyres, as well as exhibits dedicated to pioneering Lithuanian cyclists and their incredible exploits, including one trip from Lithuania to far-eastern Vladivostok (completed in six months, though it claimed the life of one cyclist). Test your knowledge of Lithuanian language at exhibit 214, where all of the various bike parts are identified by their Lithuanian names.