Old French Consulate

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Old French Consulate information

Tripoli , Libya
Zenghat el-Fransis
admission LD2
Opening hours
09:00-17:00 Sat-Thu
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The Old French Consulate, not far south of the Arch of Marcus Aurelius, dates from 1630 and is arrayed around a two-storey tiled courtyard with delightful arches, coloured windows and woodwork. Note in particular the crescent and a Star of David carved into the wooden doors above the staircase. The former consular offices, also on the 1st floor, have been restored and are a study in colonial elegance.

The other rooms are given over to a library and an exhibition space for the Hassan al-Fageh House of Arts. If you ask the caretaker, he may let you climb to the roof from where there are good views.