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Money & costs


The most easily accessible masraf (banks) are in the streets between Martyrs Sq and Maidan al-Jezayir (Algeria Sq). Masraf al-Umma and Masraf al-Jamahiriya have the most branches around town.

Aman Bank for Commerce & Investment (Sharia Mizran) Has a MasterCard–enabled ATM, with another at the airport.

Masraf al-Tijara Watanmiya (Bank of Commerce & Development) Sharia al-Fat’h (lobby, Funduq al-Kebir, Sharia al-Fat’h); Dhat al-Ahmat Tower 1 (ground fl, Dhat al-Ahmat Tower 1) You can obtain cash advances on your Visa card at all the branches mentioned. Also has branches (and/or ATMs) in the arrivals hall of the airport, on the and the 1st floor of the Burj al-Fateh.