Basotho Pony Trekking Centre

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Basotho Pony Trekking Centre information

About 85km west of Thaba-Tseka, on the top of God Help Me Pass, is the Basotho Pony Trekking Centre. It’s a fairly no-frills and do-it-yourself experience compared to other pony-trekking places, but it is one of the most easily accessible from Maseru. Reports are that it’s foundered a little of late; it’s managed by the Ministry of Agriculture and seems forever up for privatisation or new management. Visit the Maseru tourist information office for an update before booking.

From the site there’s a pleasant, 90-minute walk to a waterfall and picnic area. The walk takes you through a Basotho village and the pool below the waterfall is bracing but worth a quick swim during the warmer months.