The Global World Cup

Featured post: Spain's big win -- as seen from a tiny Spanish village.

Fans around the world are in a football frenzy. The 2010 FIFA World Cup is here, and millions of eyes are tuned in to the action from South Africa.

Although not all of us can head on down to watch the matches in person, this shouldn't stop the traveller within. The World Cup is a truly international event, experienced fervently and distinctly in all soccer-crazy countries (and even some relatively indifferent ones).

One of our favourite bloggers, Louise Heal, had a fantastic idea: why not pull together our extensive traveller community to showcase a truly Global World Cup? With our global band of bloggers, we could highlight the best of the World Cup around the world - including how various cultures celebrate the World Cup, what the best places to watch your favourite team might be in your hometown, and what traditions supporters of different teams indulge in.

So here it is. It's the perfect opportunity for soccer fanatics and apathetics alike to unite in the love of different cultures. Hope you enjoy it.

Check back often as we'll be featuring regular updates from our blogging community as they cover the World Cup globally.

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