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Rīga , Latvia
Nēǵu iela 7
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7am-5pm Sun-Mon, to 6pm Tue-Sat
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Visiting Rīga without seeing the Central Market is like going to Paris and not stopping by the Louvre. Although, rather than stuffy still lifes of fruit, Rīga’s bustling centrepiece bursts with life as vendors peddle crates stuffed with freshly picked fruit.

A 1330 manuscript makes reference to a small market in Doma laukums being moved to what is now called Latviešu Strēlnieku laukums (Latvian Riflemen Sq). Rīga’s market moved once again in 1570, this time to the banks of the Daugava to facilitate trading directly along the river. The market flourished during the mid-1600s when the city outgrew Stockholm to become the largest stronghold of the Swedish Empire.

In 1930 the market moved to its current location on the border of Central Rīga and the Russified Maskavas neighbourhood (‘Little Moscow’) to make use of the railway, which replaced the river as the principal trade route. Confronted with the market’s ever-growing size, the city of Rīga decided to bring in five enormous zeppelin hangars from the town of Vainode in Western Latvia. At a cost of five million lats, these hangars – each 35m high – added 57,000 sq m of vending space, allowing an additional 1250 vendors to peddle their goods.

Parts of the market are closed for maintenance on the mornings of each month’s first and last Monday. Check the website for additional information.