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Vang Vieng

Getting there & away

Buses, pick-ups and sǎwngthǎew continue to depart from a simple bus terminal (511341; Rte 13) on the eastern side of the airstrip, a few minutes’ walk from town. This is mildly surprising given a new bus station has been built 2km north of town, opposite the New Market. No-one we met seemed to know if or when transport would move to the new station, but wherever you end up jumbo drivers will be there trying to talk you into taking a ride into town.

Minibuses and air-con buses catering especially to falang often leave from one of the guesthouses in town, but don’t expect any extra leg room. Tickets are available almost everywhere, though buses do fill fast in peak season. Anyone who suffers motion sickness should take necessary precautions before the trip to Luang Prabang.