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Climate& when to go

Siberian winds bring freezing temperatures and snow from November to February, with ferocious cold in the mountains. The average winter minimum is –24ºC.

Throughout the country springtime buds appear in April and May, though nights can still be below freezing. Mid-May to mid-June is pleasant, though many mountain passes will still be snowed in. From the end of June through to mid-August most afternoons will reach 32ºC or higher, with a maximum of 40ºC in Fergana Valley towns such as Jalal-Abad; mountain valleys are considerably cooler. Like most of the region, Bishkek gets most of its rainfall in spring and early summer.

Of course in the mountains the ‘warm’ season is shorter. The best time to visit is July to September, although camping and trekking are pleasant from early June through mid-October. Avalanche danger is greatest during March and April and from September to mid-October.

Overall, the republic is best for scenery and weather in September, with occasional freezing nights in October.