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Getting there & away



Supply ships occasionally go to Fiji and Tuvalu. Contact the operations manager at Kiribati Shipping Services Ltd (kssl@tskl.net.ki) for prices and information about any planned departures to Tuvalu and Fiji.

Tarawa, Christmas and Fanning Islands are currently the only islands in Kiribati with formal harbour dues and all are ports of entry for yachts; island councils elsewhere may charge a fee. Tarawa, Fanning and some of the outer Gilberts have good channels and harbour facilities.

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Only Tarawa and Christmas Island are serviced by international flights.

The flight to Kiribati is usually operated by Air Nauru (www.southpacific.org/map/airnauru.html; melb_sales@airnauru.com.au), but things are in flux since its only plane was repossessed in late 2005. At the time of writing Air Pacific was running a weekly return flight from Nadi to Tarawa (around A$1500), but this may well change.

Air Pacific (www.airpacific.com) has a return weekly service between Nadi, Fiji, and Honolulu via Christmas Island.

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