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Getting around


Most of the outer Gilberts are serviced by supply ships from Tarawa every month or two, and ships go occasionally from Tarawa to Christmas, Fanning and Washington Islands. There is a regular boat from Tarawa to Abaiang (A$7 one way), the closest of the outer Gilbert Islands.

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Bus & tram


Tarawa and Christmas Island have efficient minibus services.

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Car & motorcycle

Formal car rentals are available on Tarawa. Bring your home driving licence and ask about insurance. Informal rentals are available on Christmas Island. Driving is on the left-hand side of the road.

On the outer islands you may be able to rent a bicycle or motor scooter or get a boat ride, but there won't be too many trucks.

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Airlines in Kiribati

Air Kiribati (21 550, 21 227; www.kiritours.com; Tarawa) flies to most outer Gilberts at least once a week. Air Kiribati's planes are regularly grounded for lack of fuel or encounter some other trouble, so it's wise to allow a bit of extra time if you're planning a visit to one of the outer islands.

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