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Getting there & away

For buses from Irbid to Israel & the Palestinian Territories, the office of Trust International Transport (7251878; Al-Jaish St) is near Al-Hasan Sports City. Trust also has three direct services a day to Aqaba (JD8, five hours).

Irbid is 85km north of Amman and easy to reach from just about anywhere in Jordan. There are three main minibus/taxi stations in town, a long way apart from each other.

From the North bus station, there are minibuses to Umm Qais (250 fils, 45 minutes), Mukheiba (for Al-Himma; 350 fils, one hour) and Quwayliba (for the ruins of Abila; 170 fils, 25 minutes).

From the large South bus station (New Amman bus station), air-conditioned Hijazi buses (900 fils, 90 minutes) leave regularly for Amman's Abdali bus station until about 7pm. To Amman (Abdali) there are also less comfortable buses and minibuses (600 fils, about two hours) and plenty of service taxis (900 fils). Minibuses also leave the South station for Ajlun (320 fils, 45 minutes) and Jerash (500 fils, 45 minutes). Buses go from here to Ramtha (250 fils), for the Syrian border.

From the West bus station (Mujamma al-Gharb al-Jadid), about 1.5km west of the centre, minibuses go to Al-Mashari'a (400 fils, 45 mins) for the ruins at Pella; Sheikh Hussein Bridge (for Israel & the Palestinian Territories; 750 fils, 45 minutes) and other places in the Jordan Valley, such as Shuneh ash-Shamaliyyeh (North Shuna; 270 fils, one hour).