Tokyo Tower

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Built during the postwar boom of the 1950s when Japan was struggling to create a new list of monuments symbolising its modernity, Tokyo Tower resembles the Eiffel Tower, albeit 13m taller. The similarities stop there, however, as Tokyo Tower was painted bright orange and white in order to comply with international aviation safety regulations.

Tokyo Tower is something of a shameless tourist trap, though it’s good fun if you go with the right attitude. Lifts whisk visitors up to the main observation deck at 150m (there’s another ‘special’ deck at 250m), which provides some stunning views of the sprawling megalopolis that is Tokyo; there are loftier views at the new, taller and more expensive Tokyo Sky Tree. The 1st floor of Tokyo Tower boasts an enormous aquarium , while the 3rd floor is home to a wax museum that has some degree of retro popularity.