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Getting around

Naha’s impressive new Yui-rail monorail makes things easy for getting around Naha. At one end of the line is Naha airport, at the other end, Shuri. The prices range from ¥200 to ¥290 depending on how far you go. Kenchō-mae station is at the western end of Kokusai-dōri, while Makishi station is at its eastern end.

Naha-kō is a 10-minute walk from Asahi­bashi station, while Tomari-kō is a similar distance north from Miebashi station. Bus No 101 from Naha bus terminal heads further north to Naha Shin-kō (20 minutes, hourly).

When riding on local town buses, simply dump ¥200 into the slot next to the driver as you enter. For longer trips, collect a ticket showing your starting point as you board and pay the appropriate fare as you disembark. Buses run from Naha to destinations all over the island.

Okinawa-hontō is a good place to get around in a rented vehicle, although traffic can be heavy. Numerous car hire agencies around Naha charge from around ¥5000 per day. Ask at hotels, guesthouses or youth hostels about hiring bicycles, scooters or motorcycles.