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Lonely Planet review

Straddling the border with Iwate Prefecture, this mountainous area is admired for its summer wildflowers, autumn foliage and rare prevalence of both dry and wet plant species. If you have two days to spare, you can pursue a 17km course that takes in three peaks, overnights in a picturesque mountain hut and finishes up with a rewarding soak in the healing waters of Nyūtō Onsen.

You can access the trailhead at Komaga-take Hachigōme (eighth station) by taking one of seven daily buses (all departing before 1.30pm) from Tazawa-ko Station (¥1000, one hour). From the eighth station, it should take you an hour or two to reach the summit of Oname-dake (男女岳; 1637m).

From here, you should press on to the eastern edge of the oval-shaped pond below and claim your space at the Amida-ike Hinan Goya (阿弥陀池避難小屋) unmanned mountain hut; it's recommended that you leave a small tip (¥1000). You can also double back for 20 minutes or so and scale O-dake (男岳; 1623m).

On the second day, it will take you about seven hours to descend to Nyūtō Onsen, including first summiting Yoko-dake (横岳; 1583m). The descending trail follows the ridgeline most of the way and eventually winds through expansive marshlands that harbour all manner of avian life. The circuit ends at the Nyūtō Onsen bus stop, from where it is just a short walk to a hot bath.