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Getting there & away




From stop 42 outside the station’s east exit, there are five buses daily to Shinjuku (¥6210, 5½ hours) and Niigata (¥4500, four hours).

From stop 41, north of the station, buses run daily via stop 22 to Tokyo (¥6210, 5¾ hours) at 8am, 11am, 11.40pm and 11.55pm. From stop 40 across the street, night buses to Kyoto/Osaka depart at 7.30pm (¥11, 930/12, 230, 11 hours), as well as day buses to Morioka (¥2850, 2¾ hours), Akita (¥4000, 3¾ hours) and Aomori (¥5700, five hours).


From Sendai, the JR Tōhoku shinkansen line runs south to Tokyo (¥10, 390, 1¾ hours) and north to Morioka (¥6090, 45 minutes) for transfers to the Akita shinkansen line. Sendai is connected by the JR Senzan line to Yamagata (kaisoku ¥1110, 1½ hours) and by the JR Senseki line to Matsushima-kaigan (kaisoku ¥400, 34 minutes).

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Sendai-kō is a major port with ferries once daily to Tomakomai on Hokkaidō (¥7300, 14¾ hours); ferries depart at noon every second day for Nagoya (¥6100, 21 hours). To get to Sendai-kō, take a futsū (local) train on the JR Senseki line to Tagajō station (¥230); it’s then a 10-minute taxi ride. There are also five direct buses from stop 34 at Sendai station, but only until 6pm (¥490, 40 minutes).

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From Sendai airport, 18km south of the city centre, there are international flights to various destinations in Asia, such as Seoul, Beijing, Dailan, Guam and Shanghai. Domestic destinations include Sapporo, Nagoya and Hiroshima. From Tokyo, the shinkansen is so fast that it’s not worth flying. Taipei and Changchun routes are also available, as are domestic routes: Hakodate, Komatsu, Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Fukuoka and Okinawa.

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