Land of the Rising Sun

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Be dazzled by a gold-plated shogun shrine in Nikko, Reflect on the past in Hiroshima, Experience the collision of old and new Japan, Delve into geisha culture in Kyoto, See neon-hued Tokyo city lights, Sip sake in Takayama, Soak in a traditional outdoor onsen in Hakone

Tour description provided by Intrepid

Ever-welcoming and always fascinating, Japan is a land of ancient cultures, austere traditions and groundbreaking technology. Experience the best that this diverse country has to offer from the excitement of lively Tokyo to the sacred resting places of shoguns at Nikko. Feast on local delights at a Takayama market, make a sobering visit to the Hiroshima Peace Park and explore magnificent Kyoto temples. Discover ancient castles, lush countryside and fascinating feudal history on this authentic travel adventure. If you pack a good sense of humour and leave all inhibitions behind, the Land of the Rising Sun rarely disappoints.


Day 1 Tokyo
The dynamic capital of an ancient land, Tokyo blends neon-drenched modernity with traditional temples, shrines and gardens.
Day 2 Tokyo/Nikko
Bursting with contemporary urban culture, there are many sides of Tokyo to explore - from fascinating musuems and world-class shopping to neighbourhood backstreets lined with restaurants and karaoke bars. Nikko has been a sacred site since the middle of the 8th century, as evidenced by the many shrines and temples dotted throughout the area.
Day 3 Nikko
Set amid a magnificent cedar forest, Nikko is home to some of Japan's most important shrines and temples - including the elaborately decorated Toshu-gu Shrine.
Days 4-5 Hakone
The picturesque lakeside region of Hakone is a wonderland of stunning mountain panoramas and relaxing outdoor onsen (hot spring baths).
Days 6-7 Takayama
Famous for its traditional inns, sake breweries and local folk art, Takayama is a delightful little town to explore.
Days 8-10 Hiroshima
Thrust into history by its tragic past, memorials like the A-Bomb Dome and the Children's Peace Monument make any visit to Hiroshima a moving experience.
Days 11-14 Kyoto
Magnificent temples, stunning gardens and gorgeous geishas abound in Kyoto, the ancient heart of Japan's unique culture.