Teramachi information

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Between the Shianbashi shopping and nightlife area and Nakashima-gawa (the smaller of the city's two rivers), the Teramachi district is anchored at either end by Nagasaki's two best-known temples.

Sōfuku-ji was built in 1629 by Chinese monk Chaonian. Its red entrance gate (Daiippo-mon) exemplifies Ming-dynasty architecture. Inside the temple is a huge cauldron that was used to prepare food for famine victims in 1681, and a statue of Maso, goddess of the sea.

From here, it's a relaxing walk of about 1.2km to Kōfuku-ji , along a side street lined with more temples, stone walls and shops selling Buddhist articles, crafts and dolls. The temple dates from the 1620s and is noted for the Ming architecture of the main hall. Like Sōfuku-ji, it is an Ōbaku Zen temple – and the oldest in Japan.