Fukuoka Rekishi no Machi Kottō-mura

Fukuoka Rekishi no Machi Kottō-mura information

Fukuoka , Japan
439-120 Tokunaga
+81 92 806 0505
Getting there
Train: JR Chikuhi line from Meinohama to Kyūdai-gakken-toshi
Opening hours
10am-6pm, closed Thu
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Around 15 working potters, weavers and paper-makers exhibit and sell their wares at this rustic historical village and antiques cooperative. It's out of the way, but a nice diversion with bargains to be found. It's about ¥1000 by taxi from Kyūdai-gakken-toshi Station, or you may be able to arrange station pick-up if you phone.