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Kōya-san , Japan
admission to each bldg ¥200
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In this temple complex of several halls and pagodas, the Dai-tō pagoda, rebuilt in 1934 after a fire, is said to be the centre of the lotus-flower mandala formed by the eight mountains around Kōya-san. The main object of worship is the Dainichi-nyōrai (Cosmic Buddha) and his four attendant Buddhas, painted on pillars (originally, it's said, by Kōbō Daishi himself). It's since been repainted and is an awesome sight.

The Chūmon gate was renovated for Kōya-san's 1200th anniversary in 2014. The Kondō (main hall) enshrines Yakushi Nyorai, the Buddha of medicine and healing. The current building was rebuilt in 1932. The nearby Sai-tō was most recently rebuilt in 1834 and is more subdued.