Rāmen Kyōwakoku

restaurants / Noodles

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Sapporo , Japan
10th fl, ESTA Bldg, JR Sapporo Station
Getting there
Subway: JR Sapporo
More information
bowl of rāmen ¥700-1000
Opening hours
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If Rāmen Yokochō is the original Rāmen Alley with history and atmosphere on its side, then these guys are the shameless copycats. The thing is, Japan is renowned for copying things and improving them. Rāmen Kyōwakoku is a 'clean', touristy version of the original, but it is also very good.

It's all here in eight different shops – Sapporo miso-rāmen, Asahikawa shōyu-rāmen and Hakodate shio-rāmen. A Hokkaidō rāmen odyssey! No early morning noodles here after a hard night's drinking though – it all closes down with the department stores.