1 week Japan Itinerary

Hi there! My husband and I are planning an 8-day trip to Japan in February 2015. We have a rough idea of what we want to see, but any help in regards to transportation would be a great help! I've done a fair bit of searching, but haven't been able to really find what I need.

Here's what I have so far:
Day 1: afternoon flight to Osaka, transport to Kyoto
Day 2: Kyoto
Day 3: Kyoto
Day 4: Takaragawa Onsen
Day 5: Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park in the morning, transportation to Tokyo in afternoon


Narita to Myoko Kogen

I am looking for a direct transfer from Narita to Myoko Kogen in Jan 2015. I have done a fair bit of searching online but I have not had much luck. I know that you can get train - train - train/bus combo but given that will cost about A$120 each and there will be 5 of us then I thought a private transfer would not cost too much amongst the group. It also is a little less hassle than dragging snowboard bags through 3 or 4 different transfers.
I know there are bus transfers but timing wise they…


Northern Honshu (Tohoku): What to See/Skip


I'm planning a 2-month trip to Japan roughly April-June. It's my first time there, and I'm most interested in cultural sites and landscapes/hiking. I've prioritized the Kyoto area for culture and the Japan Alps and Hokkaido for landscapes. I'm working out the itinerary, and one big question I'm having is whether to skip over some or all of Tohoku. I see that there are some sites (Nikko, Yamadera, Dewa Sanzen, Sado-ga-shima, Matushima, Hiraizumi, Tazawa-ko, Towada-ko, Shimokita peninsula)…


Christmans in Yakushima

Hi guys!

So I just booked flight ticket to Fukuoka, I need to get Shinkansen from Hakata to Kagoshima station.

Do I need to book a Shinkansen ticket in advance? also need to book accomodation?

As a solo traveller I usually don't book things in advance, but this time is a Chirstmas, so I worried it would be a peak season in Japan to travel Yakushima.

Thx for reading the post.


Golden Week Customs

Hello all!

I will be in Kyoto during Golden Week 2015, and was trying to get some information about what to look for (special parades, events at shrines) during each festival, as well as any customs that are attributed to each festival. I searched online, but ended up mostly finding overviews and other general information. Do I use any particular greeting on a festival day ("Happy Greenery Day!"), or perform any sort of action (like handing out candy on halloween)?

Any insight would be…


Transport help needed! Urgent

“Transport help needed!!! Urgent!”

Jeremy F · 1 forum post
today, 21:25
My family of 5 is going to Japan this Monday 22nd Dec to 30dec. 3 Adults 2 children(13,18). We hired a personal driver, but last minute there were some issues. Now, we are not sure of how to get around form place to place, & urgently in need to find transport of getting from:

  1. Narita Airport to Karuizawa Prince Hotel.

  2. Karuizawa Hotel to Royokan Miyama Ouan(Address: Okuhida Onsengo,Hirayu 229).

-We want to take a ride…


Amami Island


Since I have been fascinated by the last movie of Naomi Kawase, Still the water, I am thinking seriousely to visit Amami island next summer.

I have a question for those who already been there in summer: are there in the coastal waters lot of box jellyfish like further south in Okinawa?

Thank you for sharing experience!


Itinerary for April-May, please comment!!

Hi, we would appreciate any feedback or tips on our itinerary (30 year old couple)

20-24/4 Tokyo
25/4 train to Tsumago
26/4 walk to Magome, train to Matsumoto
27/4 Tateyama-Kurove alpine route, sleep in Tateyama
28/4 Takayama
29/4 Takayama
30/4 - 4/5 Kyoto
5/5 Koya-san
6/5 Osaka or Himeji or Hattoji
7/5 Naoshima
8/5 Naoshima
9/5 Hiroshima
10/5 Hiroshima
11/5 Fly Hiroshima - Tokyo



I'm researching the possibility of doing part of my cycling trip in Kyushu. I have only about 8 days.

Given this limitation, I'm considering training it to Nagasaki, then riding back over the mountains via the nachi gorge, Mt Aso and one of the major shrines heading on to a port near Beppu to take the ferry to Shikoku.

I found this. Kyushu tourist map

Along my route, i want to try some hot spring baths and enjoy good scenery.

Do you approve of my choice in Kyushu or do you have a better…


Fare for a seisshin ticket

I'm exploring the idea of starting my trip in Kyushu. Travelling by train looks to be the cheapest way. I need to get from Osaka to Nagasaki.

Can you help me figure out exactly what the details are. I always find these websites so ambiguous.

I need to know how much it will cost.
How much in advance i have to buy the ticket.

I already understand about the season and i will be in Japan in the right season to buy it as i arrive 10 March and want to travel within a few days.

I only want to…