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Central Honshū

Getting there & away

Nagoya is the gateway to Central Honshū; its new international airport (Centrair) provides easy access. Nagoya is one of Japan’s major shinkansen stops on the Tōkaidō line; a separate shinkansen line links Tokyo with Nagano.

Travellers coming from Russia can arrive by sea. Ferries operated by FKK Air Service (0766-22-2212; fkk-air.toyama-net.com in Japanese; one-way adult/child from ¥27, 600/18, 000) travel between Fushiki in Toyama-ken and Vladivostok, departing Vladivostok on Monday at 6pm and arriving 39 hours later in Fushiki. From Japan ferries leave on Friday at 6pm, arriving in Russia on Sunday morning.