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Getting around

Airport buses (¥1100, 40 minutes) are timed to aeroplane departures and arrivals, leaving from stop 6 in front of Kanazawa station’s east exit. Some buses also stop at Katamachi and Kōrinbō 109 department store but take one hour to reach the airport.

Hire bikes from JR Kanazawa Station Rent-a-Cycle (261-1721; per hr/day ¥200/1200; 8am-8.30pm) – take an immediate left from Kanazawa station’s west exit – and Hokutetsu Bicycle Rental (263-0919; per 4hr/day ¥630/1050; 8am-5.30pm) – by stop 4 out the west exit.

Any bus from station stop 7, 8 or 9 will take you to the city centre (¥200, day pass ¥900). The Kanazawa Loop Bus (day pass ¥500, 8.30am to 6pm, every 15 minutes) circles the major tourist attractions in 45 minutes.

Cars can be hired at Nippon Rent-a-Car (263-0919), left of the station’s west exit.