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Flights to Jamaica

The best price found from United States to Jamaica is on November 3rd, 2015, travelling with Spirit Airlines. See more options, compare prices and book: search flights.

New York La Guardia
from $132.00
Montego Bay


Round Trip
One Way

In North America and Europe (and to a lesser extent, Australia and the Asia Pacific) there are a plethora of travel agencies that specialize in organizing vacations to Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Airports & Airlines

Jamaica’s international airports are in Montego Bay and Kingston. For flight arrival and departure information, call the airports, visit their websites or call the airline directly. Jamaica is well served by international carriers for cities across North America and Europe, as well as two national carriers and a regional Caribbean airline.

Charter Flights

Charter flights from the US, Canada, UK and Europe offer another option for getting to Jamaica. Fares are often cheaper than on regularly scheduled commercial airlines, but you usually have to go and come back on a specific flight, and you’ll probably have no flexibility to extend your stay.

Although charter companies do most of their business booking package tours that include both accommodations and airfare, they will often find themselves with a few empty seats on planes they’ve chartered. The seats will sometimes be sold for bargain prices a week or two prior to departure.

In the US you can sometimes find these seats advertised in the travel pages of larger Sunday newspapers, such as the New York Times and the Boston Globe.

Departure Tax

Jamaica’s departure tax is US$22. In most cases this fee is paid with your plane ticket, but if not it will be collected when you check in for your flight. You can pay in either Jamaican or US currency, but credit cards are not accepted.


The cost of plane tickets to Jamaica varies widely, depending on such variables as time of year, weather and traffic in the region. Higher fares normally apply in ‘high season,’ from mid-December through mid-April, with even higher fares for peak times such as Christmas and around the New Year. You can save 20% or more by traveling in low season; weekday flights offer savings, too.