Reach Falls

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Reach Falls information

Reach Falls , Jamaica
adult/child US$10/5
Opening hours
8:30am-4:30pm Wed-Sun
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This peaceful spot is surrounded by virgin rain forest, and features a series of cascades tumbling over limestone tiers from one hollowed, jade-colored pool to another. Unfortunately Jamaica’s UDC took over the falls and while the ensuing clean-up makes it more tourist-friendly than before, the prices are prohibitive for the community and the guides are not the locals who used to earn their living from tours. At last visit the Mandingo Cave, the crown jewel of the falls, was off limits while it got the clean-up treatment from the UDC. To get here, you can catch any of the minibuses and route taxis that run between Kingston and Port Antonio via Morant Bay; get off in Manchioneal, then walk or hitchhike 3km uphill to Reach Falls (the turnoff is signed, 1km south of Manchioneal). A charter taxi from Port Antonio costs about US$50 roundtrip.