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Venice , Italy
+390 41 4273 0892
adult/reduced €20.50/14.50
Opening hours
tours in English 9.55am, 10.45am & 11.35am, in Italian 9.30am & 11.10am, in French 10.20am & noon
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Discover state secrets in the Palazzo Ducale attic on this fascinating 75-minute secret passages tour. Head through a hidden passageway disguised as a filing cabinet in Sala del Consiglio dei Dieci (Chamber of the Council of 10), festooned with happy cherubim and Veronese's optimistic Triumph of Virtue over Vice . Suddenly you're in the cramped, unadorned Council of 10 Secret Headquarters , adjoining a trial chamber lined with top-secret file drawers.

Follow the path of the accused into the windowless interrogation room , used until the 17th century to extract information. Next are the studded cells of the Piombi , Venice's notorious attic prison. In 1756, Casanova was condemned to five years' confinement here for corrupting nuns and spreading Freemasonry, but he escaped through the roof of his cell and walked confidently out through the front door, even pausing for a coffee on Piazza San Marco.