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Pisa , Italy
Piazza dei Miracoli
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adult/reduced €5/3, combination ticket with Battistero & Museo delle Sinópie 2/3 sights €7/8 (reduced €4/5)
Opening hours
8am-8pm summer, 10am-5pm winter
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Soil shipped from Calvary during the Crusades is said to lie within the white walls of this hauntingly beautiful, final resting place for many prominent Pisans, arranged around a garden in a cloistered quadrangle. During WWII, Allied artillery destroyed many of the cloisters' frescoes, but a couple were salvaged and are now displayed in the Sala Affreschi (Frescoes Room). Most notable is the Triumph of Death (1336–41), a remarkable illustration of Hell attributed to 14th-century painter Buonamico Buffalmacco.

Fortunately, the mirrors apparently once stuck next to the graphic, no-holds-barred images of the damned being roasted alive on spits have since been removed – meaning a marginally less uncomfortable visit for visitors who would have once seen their own faces peering out of the cruel wall painting. Buffalmacco's Last Judgement & Hell (1336–41), in the same room, is equally brutal.