La Rotonda

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Vicenza , Italy
Via della Rotonda 45
+390 49 879 13 80
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villa/gardens €10/5
Opening hours
villa 10am-noon & 3-6pm Wed & Sat mid-Mar–Oct, 10am-noon & 2.30-5pm Wed & Sat Nov–mid-Mar, gardens 10am-noon & 3-6pm Tue-Sun mid-Mar–Oct, 10am-noon & 2.30-5pm Tue-Sun Nov–mid-Mar
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No matter how you look at it, this villa is a show-stopper: the namesake dome caps a square base, with identical colonnaded facades on all four sides. This is one of Palladio’s most admired creations, inspiring variations across Europe and the USA, including Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. Inside, the circular central hall is covered from the walls to the soaring cupola with trompe-l'œil frescoes. Catch bus 8 (€1.30, €2 on board) from in front of Vicenza's train station, or simply walk (about 25 minutes).