One day in Rome

Good morningn!

I have a connection in Rome- landing at 7:30 am and fly out around 22:30.

I would like to get a recomendation for 1 day tour in Rome- what should I do and what is a must see.
I would appreciate if you can write some kind of a rout.

Thank you, Adi


Day trip to Etna this weekend

Hi there,
My girlfriend and I are planning to visit Etna (from Catania) on Saturday for the day.

We would like to go to the top (or as close to it as possible). Is it recommended to book a tour or can we do it all ourselves (bus to Rifugio Sapienza, then cable car and walk/minibus to the top)?

I notice the cable car is quite expensive so really booking a tour will not cost much more. But would it be a mistake to miss out on the cable car?

Also, does anyone know the current status of…


SICILY. Best Places/Hostels in Sicily for a young traveler looking for beaches, friends, fun !?

Just curious as to any MUST SEE places in Sicily, What are the must see beaches for fun and beauty, also any fun party-type hostel suggestions would be great! Going to be alone and only have 4-5 days holiday so meeting new friends and enjoying a few drinks is certainly a priority!

Going in Early April !!


Abruzzo Continued!

Hello, I am back thinking hard on booking my stay in Abruzzo in June where we shall have 8 days in Abruzzo itself -as discussed in a previous thread.
I have been thinking about how to go about taking Abruzzo in and shall probably drive to L'Aquila (I fancy The Magione Papale Relais there mainly because it is cheap for a Relais and has a michelin-star restaurant - the restaurant is not so cheap!), I may spend one or two nights there wanting, in the beginning to use it as a base to drive into…


How many days to Rome and how many to Naples?

Hi all

I will be landing at Rome on the 2nd of April and leave on the ferry from Bari to Dubrovnik on either the 7th or the 9th. I plan to spend 3 full days (3-5 of April) in Rome and the on the 6th move on to Naples. Question is, how much time should I spend in that area? Is a day and a half enough to explore region, or is should I give it more time? Main thing is that I don't drive a car - if anyone can recommend a place to rent a motorbike it could be great, otherwise is public…


'Undiscovered' places in Rome

Hey Guys!

I'm in a competition to win a job for a travel television program. However, the thing I have to do right now is to present my trip to Rome - Brindisi! So, I'm searching my ass of, but I thought maybe some of you went to Rome or Brindisi and know stuff which is really interesting to see/to do which is something else than in the tourist information guides.

So, who knows some original things to do or see in Rome or Brindisi!

Thank you very much!!


Italy in a week?

Hi guys,

I am going interrailing this summer for a month.

italy is one of my stops.

I want to visit the main cities, Venice, Rome and Florence.

I dont know how long I will need to spend at each city?

Will I need to book a hostel up in each city?

So spend 2 days in Milan, then a train to Venice, 2 days there.

Then a train down to Florence, 2 days in Florence.

Then a train to Rome. 2 days there?

I really want to visit the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Is that something I would visit in a day…


4-6 days for mountains and beach, plus isolated Florence question

I'm planning a trip to Italy in September and will be hitting Venice, Florence, Rome. Since that's city-heavy, what I really want to fit between that is a taste of low-key countryside with mountains (as rugged and high as possible) and isolated beaches (for beauty, not swimming). For this reason, I'd been considering going to Corsica as a side trip on the way to Rome. However, I'd also like to see Matera in Basilicata, and so was thinking the Cilento coast was a good alternative to Corsica


Hiking near Venice


I'm in Venice for a few days and feel like getting a train or bus, out to somewhere that we an go hiking. Doesn't need a long journey, I suppose less than 1.5hr. Just want to go somewhere into the nature hills, forests or small mountains.

I have seen Bassano del Grappa, but the tourist offices don't have alot of information. If anyone can point me in the right direction online that would be great.



Easter in Verona?

We are visiting Verona over Easter (arrive late on the 3rd April, leave late on 6th April). From what I've heard Italy takes Easter a bit more seriously than the UK so will the holiday make travelling difficult? Will it be difficult to find restaurants either due to them being closed or fully booked?

Will most tourist attractions in Verona and nearby cities be closed on both Easter Sunday and Monday (both public holidays in Italy?) - I guess some would be closed on Monday anyway. We will…