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Introducing Palermo & Around

Flamboyant, feisty and full of life, Palermo evokes a strong response from visitors and residents alike. Its car-choked streets, rubbish-strewn pavements and decrepit infrastructure cause everyone to pull out their hair at one stage or another, but it's easy to overlook the city's problems when you enter a church full of luminously beautiful Byzantine mosaics, wander along a street of stately baroque palazzos or witness the genial banter between canny stall owners and bargain-hunting housewives at a street market. Exploring can be exhausting, but it's well and truly worth it.

Palermo is also an ideal base for excursions to surrounding attractions, including the magnificent mosaics at Monreale, the beach community of Mondello, the island of Ustica with its pristine marine reserve, and the inland town of Corleone, famous for its groundbreaking Mafia museum.