Cattedrale di Santa Chiara

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Cattedrale di Santa Chiara information

Iglesias , Italy
Piazza del Municipio
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Dominating the eastern flank of Piazza del Municipio, the Cattedrale di Santa Chiara boasts a lovely Pisan-flavoured facade and a chequer-board stone bell tower. The church was originally built in the late 13th century, but it was given a comprehensive makeover in the 16th century, which accounts for its current Catalan Gothic look. Inside, the highlight is a gilded altarpiece that once held the relics of St Antiochus.

This was originally on the Isola di Sant'Antioco but it was bought to Iglesias in the 17th century to protect it from the threat of pirate raids. And although the clerics were later forced to return the relics they managed to hold on to the altarpiece.

Flanking the cathedral on the piazza is the bishop's residence, the Palazzo Vescovile , while opposite is Iglesias' neoclassical Municipio (town hall). Neither of these buildings is open to the public.