Museo del Tesoro e Area Archeologica di Sant'Eulalia

Museo del Tesoro e Area Archeologica di Sant'Eulalia information

Cagliari , Italy
Vico del Collegio 2
adult/reduced €5/2.50
Opening hours
10am-1pm & 4-7pm Tue-Sun
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In the heart of the Marina district, this museum contains a rich collection of religious art, as well as an archaeological area, which extends for up to 200 sq metres beneath the adjacent Chiesa di Sant’ Eulalia . The main drawcard here is a 13m section of excavated Roman road (constructed between the 1st and 2nd centuries AD), which archaeologists think would have connected with the nearby port.

In the upstairs treasury you’ll find all sorts of religious artefacts, ranging from exquisite priests’ vestments and silverware through to medieval codices and other precious documents. Fine wooden sculptures abound, along with an Ecce homo painting, depicting Christ, front and back, after his flagellation. The painting has been attributed to a 17th-century Flemish artist.