Villa dei Quintili

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Villa dei Quintili information

Rome , Italy
Via Appia Nuova 1092
+390 6 3996 7700
Getting there
Bus: Via Appia Antica
More information
adult/reduced incl Terme di Caracalla & Mausoleo di Cecilia Metella €7/4
Opening hours
9am-1hr before sunset Tue-Sun
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Towering over green fields, this 2nd-century villa is one of Rome's unsung splendours. It was the luxurious abode of two consuls, the Quintili brothers, but its splendour was their downfall. The emperor Commodus had them both killed, taking over the villa for himself. You may now enter the complex from the Via Appia entrance (previously its only entrance was from Via Appia Nuova), making it much more accessible.

The emperor added to the complex and the ruins are fabulously impressive. The highlight is the well-preserved baths complex with a pool, caldarium (hot room) and frigidarium (cold room). There's an interesting small museum.