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Amalfi Coast, Italy by hozinja

Exploring the Italian coast

Amalfi Coast, Italy by hozinja Creative Commons Attribution

There’s more to Italy than pizzas and Roman ruins. For many people Italy means the seaside, and the coastline of this sun-kissed Mediterranean nation draws sun-seekers from near and far. Idyllic beaches abound, particularly in the far south and tucked into rugged coves on the island of Sardinia. However, some of Italy’s most popular stretches of coastline are dramatic and rugged – take the Amalfi Coast, or the cliff-backed villages of the Cinque Terre. Then there are the islands, some big, some small, some glamorous, some rustic, some sand-circled and some volcanic, but all inescapably Italian. Here’s our pick of Italy’s beaches, islands and spectacular stretches of coastline.