Piazza del Comune

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This beautiful, pedestrian-only square is considered one of the best-preserved medieval squares in all Italy. To maintain the difference between the secular and spiritual, buildings connected with the Church were erected on the eastern side of Piazza del Comune, and those concerned with secular affairs were constructed across the way.

The business of city government was and still is carried out in the Palazzo Comunale . Begun in the 13th century, the arcaded walkways and courtyards of the palazzo were gradually extended and embellished through the centuries. On the central pillar of the main facade, a marble arengario (balcony from which decrees were made and speeches given) was added in 1507. South across a lane, the Loggia dei Militi was the headquarters of the long arm of the law. A delightful little Gothic gem built in 1292, it was where the captains of the citizen militia would meet.

On Sunday, the piazza is filled with antique stalls.