Experiencing the alps from Turin

Hello :)

We have 3 days in mid April to do day trips from Turin with a rental car. We dont ski but would like to experience the alps. Mainly interested in views, small pretty villages and short walks. What are our best options? I was thinking:

1) Viewing Monte Cervino through Breuil
2) Cogne valley
3) Maybe venture into France or Switzerland
4) Something else?

Also does the car need to be equipped with snow chains to reach these places? This will be post 15th April which is when the national…


By Train or Taxi?

HI, I am travelling from Pisa airport to Ameglia, I think my nearest train station is Sarzana, is it best that I buy a train ticket when there or before I travel or should I get a 3 day train ticket to uses in a week as I will be travelling back to Pisa at the end of the week or am I best with a taxi, I will not have very much luggage.


2 week birthday trip / time management

The great news is that my husband wants to take me anywhere in the world I want to go for my 50th birthday next year. The bad news is deciding where I want to I come to you for your thoughts on my ideas. I'll only have 2 weeks time and I do know that travel time has to be taken into consideration. We will be traveling from the United States. Based on my example please let me know this is doable in 2 weeks and if you have suggestions in the areas/region. Thank you so much I appreciate any…


from romagna to orio al serio airport

hi guys
we r planning to go to orio al serio airport from cesena-rimini-forli or bologna at the end of april

how would u suggest us to reach the airport considering that we have our flight scheduled at 13.30 local time, so we have to be there at 11.30 at last

thanks in advance as usual


Day Excursion to Stromboli

I'm having a hard time choosing how do to a day excursion to Stromboli. I have found a few companies that offer a long day from Taormina, which would be okay except that we'll be staying in Bronte. It also seems to me that almost all the companies must be using the same boat, since the dates, days and times are identical. So what difference does it make which company we use? Do the various companies have any input into the content of the trip?
I also found one company whose trip begins from…


Need input on Amalfi Coast and Capri itinerary

My husband and I are visiting the Amalfi Coast in late August for 7 days and 7 nights. We are thinking the first 3 days/4 nights in Capri and the second 3 days/3 nights in Positano, Ravello or Praiano. Would love input on the following:

1). Does it make sense to do Capri first and the Amalfi Coast second? We will be coming from the Naples airport.
2). Is 3 days/4 nights the right amount of time for Capri? Is 3 days/3 nights the right amount of time for the Amalfi Coast?
3). Thoughts on Positano…


international driver's license Is the USA capable of dealing with 6 Calabrese?

Where in Italy does one obtain an international driver's license acceptable to the USA car rental agencies?

Any idea on price? I'm a rural bumpkin, in Califoirnia, with 6 Italian, Calabrese if you must know, cousins descending in June.

Or is it possible ( or convenient ) that their home country driver's licenses are acceptable to the clowns at Hertz, Enterprise, etc.?

Who bought LP? I've been away for a number of years. This site is not as user friendly, congenial, as it was, or am I…


Tuscany tour

Hello all,
I will be visiting Tuscany region near the end of May, for about a week, landing to Pisa airport. My final destination will be Florence. I would like to spend a couple of nights to a picturesque village like San Gimignano. Any suggestions? Is there transport from Pisa airport to there? I can use bus / train, don't want to hire a car.
Thank you in advance....


Hotel suggestions

Hello again....need some suggestions on hotels for May in Rome, Sorrento, Florence, Venice & Milan!
Not looking for budget accommodation! Have a 7 yr old with us so need something comfortable!
Have no clue on how 3 star hotels are in Italy with regards to the size of the room/air conditioning/pricing etc. Looking for first hand information so any kind of information with name suggestions are welcome!


Is Val D'Orcia scenic in late June?

I'm planning a trip to Tuscany in late June, especially Val D'Orcia area.

Would the contryside be too brown and dry? Harvest?

Can I see some scenic green area at this period?

Thank you very much.