Necropoli di Banditaccia

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Necropoli di Banditaccia information

Cerveteri , Italy
Via del Necropoli
+390 6 3996 7150
adult/reduced €6/3, incl museum €8/4
Opening hours
8.30am-1hr before sunset
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This haunting 10-hectare necropolis is laid out as an afterlife townscape, with streets, squares and terraces of tumuli (circular tombs cut into the earth and capped by turf). Some of these, including the 6th-century-BC Tomba dei Rilievi , are decorated with painted reliefs, many of which illustrate endearingly domestic subjects such as cooking implements and other household items, as well as figures from the underworld.

To bone up on ancient history, the site has a worthwhile 3D film about the Etruscans, and some stunning 3D tomb installations reconstructing the frescoes and funerary items that were once there.