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Getting there & around

The bus station is on Via Rampari San Paolo. ACFT (0532 59 94 11; www.acft.it in Italian) buses operate within the city and to surrounding towns such as Comacchio (€4.10, 1¼ hours, eight daily), as well as to the Adriatic beaches (note that some of these leave from the train station). The train is the better option for Bologna (€3, 30 minute, half-hourly) and Ravenna (€4.40, 1¼ hours, 17 daily).

Most traffic is banned from the city centre. If you need to leave your car overnight there’s a car park on Via Darsena (just outside the centro storico), which costs €3 for 24 hours. ACFT buses 1, 2 and 9 run from the train station to the city centre.

For a taxi, call Radiotaxi (0532 90 09 00).

Even better, get in the saddle and join the hundreds of other wheelers in Italy’s most cycle-friendly city. Among the places where you can rent bikes (per hour/day around €2.50/10) :

Itinerando (0532 20 20 03; Piazzale Kennedy 6-8)

Pirani e Bagni (0532 77 21 90; Piazza Stazione 2)

Roberto Ceragioli (339 405 68 53; Piazza Travaglio 4)

Romanelli (0532 20 60 17; Via Aldighieri)