Chiesa di Sant'Anna dei Lombardi

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Chiesa di Sant'Anna dei Lombardi information

Naples , Italy
Piazza Monteoliveto
+390 81 551 33 33
Getting there
Metro: Toledo
Opening hours
9am-1pm & 4-6pm
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Dubbed a veritable museum of Renaissance art, this magnificent church is testament to the close links that once existed between the Neapolitan Aragonese and the Florentine Medici dynasty. One particular highlight is Guido Mazzoni's spectacular Pietà . Dating to 1492, the terracotta ensemble is made up of eight life-size terracotta figures surrounding the lifeless body of Christ.

Originally the figures were painted, but even without colour they still make quite an impression. The sacristy is a work of art in itself. The walls are lined with gloriously inlaid wood panels by Giovanni da Verona, while the ceiling is covered by Giorgio Vasari's 16th-century frescoes that depict the Allegories and Symbols of Faith .

Across Via Monteoliveto from the church is the 16th-century Palazzo Gravina , the seat of Naples University's architecture faculty.