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Getting around

The main bus station is in Ischia Porto. There are two principal lines: the CS (Circo Sinistra; Left Circle) and CD (Circo Destra; Right Circle), which circle the island in opposite directions, passing through each town and leaving every 30 minutes. Buses pass near all hotels and camp sites. A single ticket, valid for 90 minutes, costs €1.20, while a ticket valid from 6am to 6pm is €4. Taxis and microtaxis (scooter-engined three-wheelers) are also available.

You can do the island a favour by not bringing your car. If you want to hire a car or scooter, there are plenty of rental firms, including Fratelli del Franco (081 99 13 34; Via A De Luca 127, Ischia Ponte), which hires out cars (from €32 per day), mopeds (€25 to €35) and mountain bikes (around €10 per day). You can’t take a rented vehicle off the island.