Giardini di Augusto

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Lonely Planet review

Get away from the Capri crowds by heading southwest from the Certosa di San Giacomo monastery where, at the end of Via G Matteotti, you'll come across the unexpected green oasis of the colourful Giardini di Augusto. Founded by the Emperor Augustus, you should spend a few minutes contemplating the breathtaking view from here: gaze ahead to the Isole Faraglioni and the three dramatic limestone pinnacles that rise vertically out of the sea.

Measuring 109m, 81m and 104m respectively, the pinnacles are home to a rare blue lizard that was once thought to be unique to the Faraglioni but has since been found on the Sicilian coast. While a picture of the lizards from here is sadly beyond the capacity of even the most sophisticated camera lens, a photo from here should still impress the folks back home. From the gardens, pretty and hairpin Via Krupp winds down to Marina Piccola and past a bust of Lenin overlooking the road from a nearby platform; no one seems to know who placed it here, or why.